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Hammertoes are deformities that describe a bending or clawing of the toes. Hammertoes often cause corns or callouses on top of either the middle toe joint or tip of the toe, and are often aggravated by tight shoes. If the deformity is not treated early enough, the toe may become permanently fixed in the contracted position. When this occurs, it may be difficult to find shoes that are comfortable, and infections may develop as a result. Hammertoes can also occur along with a bunion deformity. The great toe pushes against the adjacent toes, causing them to contract (hammer).

Treatment of Hammertoes:

Conservative care consists of wearing shoes with a roomy toe box, shaving off the thickened skin, wearing soft pads over the corns, and use of orthotics (custom inserts). Surgical treatment may be required to shave a small piece of bone from the prominent knuckle to straighten the toe.